Google Photos Sucks

I used Dropbox camera upload for years for my small business and personal use. In 2014, they disallowed business users from this feature which was a major issue for me. I get why they did this and suggested they simply don’t enable this feature on by default while continuing to allow users to option it for their business. This was a frustrating policy change that I’ve written about before here & here.

I tried using an older version of their app until 2017 when compatibility broke and I was forced off Dropbox.

I moved to Google Photos which was good and bad. The phone integration and sharing with Android users is better. Organization is an absolute mess. You can’t create sub-albums, preventing good organization. When you want to sort to an album, you are forced to scroll through an unsorted list every time. Uploads from a PC are a garbage process. You can only reliably upload 5 images at a time or so through a browser even with a fast computer and fast connection.

If you use their “Backup & Sync” app, who knows where the files go? You can’t search by filename, it doesn’t sort by creation date or modified date. They just go into a black hole. If you have an album, you can’t delete files from the album. You are forced to find the origin image in your raw photos or archived list somehow (remember you can’t search with in any clear definitive way). So, organization is a proper clusterfuck.

Dropbox recently announced they made a mistake and are re-allowing camera upload for business users. I’ve already switched over in full.

The question now, since both systems suck, is which one to use? Laboriously migrate back to Dropbox? Try to work with Google’s organizational clusterfuck? It’s a wholesale mess either way now.