Quickbooks Enterprise is Unworkably Slow

We use Quickbooks Enterprise 17 for our company accounting, inventory, & packing slips.  Today, QBE17 stopped working in credits & invoices.  Just moving from one invoice to the next became a 10 minute ordeal.

This halted some production. Once we, later in the day, contacted support we found that this was an Intuit problem.  We stopped for a moment to grasp this.  We have a Quickbooks Enterprise Program that we host locally on our server with clients on our computers.  What would Intuit have to do with this?

We posited that some features we don’t use like invoice payments must be making remote, offsite queries and returning garbage data thereby halting our software.  We tried various firewall settings to no avail.  The solution which worked was to change the gateway IP of our local server. This breaks the internet connection of the server but maintains a local connection within our office.  Everything works again!

In summary, this single point of failure is a massive design flaw with a pointer to a web location that can bring the local software package down.  This should not be.

Recommendations to Intuit:

  1. Allow local server/desktop users to sever any internet based connection that breaks, slows, or alters our system. A single point of failure in an ENTERPRISE critical system such as this is a design flaw that needs fixing immediately. We need to get work done while you sort it out and we can connect later.  THIS IS WHY WE OWN THE LOCAL VERSION!
  2. Intuit, if you fail in the above you need to message us through the software or via email when such an event happens so that we aren’t burning hundreds or thousands of dollars because of your design flaw that you chose not to let us know was in failure.

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