TDK A33 Bluetooth Speaker

TDK A33 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I selected a TDK A33 for family a year ago.  Before wrapping it up as a Christmas gift, I connected it and used it to validate this choice.  I was amazed at the sound quality for this small speaker.  I wondered if this was now common and listened to other similar units at Best Buy and over time listened to other friends speakers.  The TDK A33 crushed the equivalent Bose unit with far better mid & high notes while maintaining crisp, clear base.  The Bose was muddy and sounded like something trying to emulate bass.

NOTE:  The A33 is currently for sale for $79.99, an amazing price!

The TDK A34 is now available.  Apparently, it adds longer battery life and improved sound quality.  It is still cheap at $119 currently.

TDK A34 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I highly recommend both products while the A33 is currently a great bargain.  When compared to other market options, it is stellar and I highly recommend it.