The Blogger image circle of death

I went to one of my blogs on Blogger today to pull up an image only to be greeted with the Blogger image circle of death.


My first reaction was WTF?  I check and all my blogs are affected.  I Google search for broken Blogger images and removed Blogger images without much luck.  I did happen to come across a google forum here that helped:!topic/picasa/9ttGjFI6GS4[1-25-false] .  I went to Google Photos under one of my google usernames and did not see the images.  I went into the trash to find them there.  I was able to select and restore all the relevant images.  Luckily, I caught the issue before the trash was automatically removed.

So, why did this happen?  I was purging my phone of images, which I do every 6-12 months, and making sure I had archives on Dropbox.  It turns out the deletion process I selected on my phone removed images “everywhere” including my blog which had never been directly associated with Google Photos.

Bad Google, Bad.  This tenuous connection is having my phone delete blog images I created long before I had “Google Photos” or any associated service?  My desire to declutter my phone breaks my years old Blogger postings?  This should not be.

On the upside it didn’t take too long to figure out, I was lucky, and I lost nothing.  I won’t be using Blogger for any future projects and will note to take care with this silliness.