No disk detected with Samsung DVD Writer, model SH-203B and Gigabyte GA-P35 motherboard and ICH9 or ICH9R chipset

Ok, another day another silly problem that took some time to solve. I went to write a CD with one of my workstations and couldn’t. Nero kept telling me there was no disc present and I couldn’t get any software to write to the CDR. I could read from the CD without a problem. After searching for a solution, I did the following:

1) Upgraded my firmware on my SH-203B from SB03 to SB04 using the following tools:
This did not resolve the problem.
2) Looked into my bios to determine if my CD writer was running in IDE legacy mode or not. It was not. My primary Hard Drive was on SATA port 0 with AHCI off and Native mode on. My Samsung SH-203B was on SATA Port 1. I discovered that the Native mode was listed for SATA port 0-1 in the bios and realized that the Samsung drive had been forced into Native mode. I moved the Samsung drive to SATA port 4 rebooted the machine and everything was solved.

So, make sure your CD / DVD writer is on an SATA port that supports legacy IDE mode if you run into the above problem and this seems to resolve the issue. I presume it would have worked with firmware SB03 but felt I should mention the above step just in case.