ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition RAM Upgrade

We use our ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition for work purposes which is archiving video, some of our servers and some critical data.  Part of our redundancy plan is to use Dropbox for files which need to be used across various employee devices and crashplan for data that does not need to be distributed but still needs to be reliably archived.

After installing these services, our ReadyNAS became quite slow and was not as responsive as desired.  We saw  that our memory usage was quite high and felt this was a critical cause.  As it turns out, it was a combination of this and a hardware failure on the ReadyNAS.  Some services are RAM hungry as well for home users like TiVo & music serving options.

The ReadyNAS hardware compatibility list does NOT list RAM so this is left up to forum users.  There are a large number of posts with varying success.  We purchased and extensively tested Patriot Memory Signature DDR2 4GB CL6 800MHz DIMM (PC2 6400) PSD24G8002.  This RAM proved successful with very simple installation (just remove the left side cover with two screws, remove the old ram and insert the new ram then replace the cover).  Be certain to perform extensive memory testing! (Click here to see how to get to the boot menu, then select memory test and let it run overnight).

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