Newegg account suspended due to Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Pack

We purchased these upgrade packs with a poor description on the Newegg website.  Basically they only upgrade from Win8 to Win8 pro and are not an upgrade from a prior OS to Win8 pro.  When we caught the error, we wanted to send the parts back.  The MS policy on this is simply to go $&^! yourself and Newegg backs them up on this.  There are a lot of people similarly effected due to the way the product is described.  We did a chargeback to Newegg who automatically canceled our account.  The net result is that American Express gave us a refund at their cost as we pump tens of thousands of dollars through the card per month.

In the end, we were left with a sour taste.  We restored our account with Newegg but after a few similar parts failures that ended up costing us time and money, we avoid Newegg.  Now we use Newegg for research, then buy on Amazon or some vendor who stands by their products so we don’t burn time.  We don’t return parts often (far below 1%) but when we do, we don’t want to burn time and effort on the process needlessly.

If you look at reviews for these same items on various websites, the ratings are extremely poor.

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Pack (Win 8 to Win 8 Pro Upgrade)

Upgrade your Windows 8 device to Windows 8 Pro with Pro Pack

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