Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 (KB110806) failed – fix

It has been a while since I posted. Trying to dump my views here will just take too long to research and articulate so I’m just going to post about things that are fixes for bugs I run into and reference information that will help me out down the line if I need to come back to it. Perhaps it will help some others out too.

Ok, so MS downloaded Service Pack 1 for my Windows XP install automatically and I decided to let it install. It failed and subsequently prevented me from opening Quickbooks Enterprise. I searched around for a while about a Quickbooks problem, thinking it was something related to Quickbooks not starting or failing to start as it would just get to the loading screen, scroll some dots across the screen and fail with no diagnostic information reported. I realized that it was probably the failed .net 2.0 install as Quickbooks does use and require this.

After searching for a while I found this: . I used the advice posted by Tammysisland and downloaded the very nice dotnet cleanup tool here: . Once I ran the tool I followed his instructions though I did not bother with .net 3.0 and I probably didn’t need to bother with .net 1.1. It is worth noting that I did have to install .net 1.0, install the 1.0 patch, reboot, install 1.1 patch, reboot, install 2.0, install 2.0 patch and I was good. I did delete the temp files after each operation. I suspect this affects a lot of intuit products like turbotax, quicken, quickbooks, etc.

Well I got the same error with my TURBO TAX and installing Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 from the microsoft site would not work. SO HERE IS A LITTLE PATCH “SEE LINK BELOW” THAT WILL CLEAN UP YOUR .NET FRAMEWORK FOR YOU then it will work.

I too have Windows XP SP2, FULLY LOADED UP TO .NET 3.0 the error codes for SP1 were throwing me off.

I first got error code KB929300 AND KB110806, then couldn’t get those to work at all, tried to ignore them for awhile. Then, when I tried to install my Turbotax software it would not install!! Found in other blogs that .NET framework 3.5. install might fix the issue. AND YES I could not get 3.5 to install either, I got error code .Net 2.0a. So finally got this cleanup tool!!! Evidently somehow the .NET FRAMEWORK either got corrupted or?? well who knows. Anyway, here it is, you need the link below to fix it. Plus read all my notes on housekeeping to get this to work and solve your pesky problems too! It worked for me and now I am HAPPY!!!

1) Clean off delete all temp files off your machine, with or other, or just go to Local Settings, Temp (have to unhide these files to see them). VITAL!!!

2) Close all internet windows open, VITAL!!!

3) Close HP photo digital imaging monitor in task tray, if you have a high end HP printer installed like I do, HP C7180, I found it interfered w/ installations.

4) Run Zip file link above

5) Immediately close update internet window where you got zip file, or it won’t work!!!

6) direct it to fix all versions of .NET, may need to restart computer

7) repeat steps 1-3

8) Open Windows update check for updates, custom install should have 3-4 packages to update

9) Update only one at a time, start with .NET FRAMEWORK version 1.1 Service Pack 1

10) restart computer, repeat steps 1-3

11) Open windows update check for updates, custom, may have KB928366 OR KB110806, ONLY run one update at a time.

12) restart computer, repeat steps 1-3

13) open windows update, check for updates, custom install should have KB829019 .NET 2.0:X86 run install

14) restart computer, repeat steps 1-3

15) open windows update custom install, KB928416 .NET 3.0:x86 should be last one.

16) restart computer

17) May get a few anomoly error messages documentviewer.msi missing or can’t find photogallery, will have to resolve these later, end messages running with “WINDOWS TASK MANAGER” to move on.

Anyway this fixed it for me, plus it fixed the original errors I kept getting from not being able to update and install KB929300 AND KB110806 Microsoft updates which were pesky SP1 updates that were to say the least annoying!!!

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