How to install Windows XP on a Gateway GT5628 with Windows Vista

I bought a Gateway GT5628 from when they were on sale for $599.99 with some additional coupons and free shipping. The first thing I wanted to do was to remove Vista and install Windows XP Home Edition but I ran into a problem during the installation. The first problem was that the PC hit the blue screen of death during the first running of Windows XP after the files were copied over and the second problem was that I couldn’t get the mass storage drivers on because the motherboard had no provision for a floppy drive. The end solution is to use the Driver Packs Base software, a few tricks and Nero to burn a bootable ISO that is a “SplitStream” Windows installation disk with all the drivers already on it. Here are the basic steps:

1) Buy Windows XP and download isobuster, then copy the entire CD and boot image from your Windows XP CD directly to the hard drive according to the instructions here:
2) Install the DriverPacks BASE software and then download the CPU, Chipset and MassStorage driver packs. Put the files directly in the DriverPacks installation directly, like this example: c:Program FilesDPs_BASE_7052DriverPacksput the driverpack files here.
3) Walk through the DriverPacks BASE software, select the correct driver packs and create the output.
4) Burn the CD using the instructions here:
5) Install Windows XP
6) Use the sound driver here:
7) Use most of the drivers from Intel because Gateway only released Vista drivers for this board: Intel XP Drivers
8) Get the Nvidia Driver from Nvidia

Your done with a complete XP installation and now have a splitstreamed disk you can use in the future. This took me a while to assemble and was frustrating. I tried a few things before reaching this solution and had the DP0304 bios as covered in another post.

This procedure should also work to put XP on other gateway hardware and may include:

Gateway GM5478 Desktop Computer [Part #1009570]
Gateway GM5485E Desktop Computer [Part #1009586]
Gateway GM5485H Desktop Computer [Part #1009597]
Gateway GT5214j Desktop Computer [Part #1014668R]
Gateway GT5216j Desktop Computer [Part #1014670R]
Gateway GT5218j Desktop Computer [Part #1014676R]
Gateway GT5628 Desktop Computer [Part #1014737R]
Gateway GM5632E Desktop Computer [Part #1014739R]
Gateway GT5636E Desktop Computer [Part #1014825R]
Gateway GM5638E Desktop Computer [Part #1014837R]
Gateway GT4220m Desktop Computer [Part #1014857R]
Gateway GM5643E Desktop Computer [Part #1014859R]
Gateway GT4222m Desktop Computer [Part #1014867R]
Gateway GT5226j Desktop Computer [Part #1014950R]
Gateway GT5228j Desktop Computer [Part #1014951R]
Gateway GT5092b Desktop Computer [Part #1014956R]
Gateway GT4224m Desktop Computer [Part #1015181R]
Gateway GT5236j Desktop Computer [Part #1015197R]
Gateway GT5240j Desktop Computer [Part #1015202R]
Gateway FX7024 Desktop Computer [Part #1015229R]

Here are some nice references in my search:

15 thoughts on “How to install Windows XP on a Gateway GT5628 with Windows Vista

  1. Hi! I have a oem gateway sp3 cd to install on my gt5628, the BSod is the problem,
    I dont undestand how to install or add the drivers, and the sata interface to the cd.
    Could you help me please,thanks!

    • The procedure I listed above creates a “split-stream” cd which houses the chipset, sata, etc drivers and will allow you to properly perform an installation with all the required drivers for this computer.

      To do this, follow steps 1 through 4 above which will give you a powerful windows xp installation cd which will have the drivers you need for installation. I wish the process were quick and easy but it is not. Though it takes some time the result is a split-stream installation cd that will work well for most newer computers.

  2. Would you be interested in selling me a disk, or sending me your ISO over FTP? I would pay you for it.

    I tried this several times and I get hung up and cant make it work.

    Please call me at — — —-, or email —@—–.com

    Ben J.

  3. Thanks. This is exactly what I am looking for. But I couldn’t find any XP driver for “Intel SATA Raid Driver 32-bit Version”. Did you use the Vista one for XP install?

    My box is Gateway GM5485H. It’s completely dead after running the XP install CD. Even with Vista install CD, it hangs. The F8 key->Safe mode stops at CRCDisk.sys. I am just wondering if nothing work, should I just throw this machine away?


    • I covered that issue in #7 of my numbered list for this post. The Gateway website only has the Vista drivers but the link I provided to Intel has the XP drivers. Here is the link again as listed in #7 of my post:
      Intel XP Drivers

      The correct drivers are referred to as the chipset drivers as it is the intel chipset that dictates the intel sata drivers so it could be that you did not associate the sata drivers with the chipset drivers on that page?

  4. “3) Walk through the DriverPacks BASE software, select the correct driver packs and create the output.”
    Can you just put this pack available for download? 😉
    I spent an hour or two trying to get an output for DriverPack Base and I couldn’t get it to work. Getting the right “location” under the “settings” tab never worked. I curse my own inadequate intelligence.

    I’d ask for help, but.. Well, I’d feel too much like a noob. *grimace* Help?

  5. Sorry for my inadequate intelligence, can you confirm the correct drivers is #4 (Chipset: INF Update Utility for Intel® Desktop Boards (2759KB)?

    I saw some people using “nLite” for integrating driver with XP install CD so that you don’t have to use “DriverPacks BASE”. Does this make sense to you?


  6. I tried to copy either INF_allOS_9.1.0.1012_PV.exe or the unzipped contents of this files driver pack into c:Program FilesDPs_BASE_7052DriverPacks. But DriverPacks BASE never shows any available drivers to select. Sorry, I am really bad on this. I followed the link on how to use DriverPacks BASE at But it seems my dowloaded driver pack never gets recognized.

  7. Did you get sigmatel audio working in xp and if so how did you do it? I got everything installed fine except audio driver, when I try to install it says device not install restart and try again. Any ideas, any help would be appreciated.

    • Yes, it is using driver version 5.10.5258.2 date 11/6/2006. The sound works properly and the device is registered properly so I am sure what issue you could be running into.

  8. This walkthrough makes absolutley no sense. I’ve been toying with this for over 2 days. If it’s so frustrating, why not make a more detailed tutorial on how this is done? It makes no sense to spend all this time getting it work, and not tell people how its done properly.

    • Many others have followed these instructions and they are exactly how I performed the work. Simply stating that it is nonsensical also doesn’t help anyone improve any given part of the instructions. If you describe where in the process you have a problem or what stage fails with any information on why, then perhaps the instructions could be improved.

  9. More details would be helpful.

    3) Walk through the DriverPacks BASE software, select the correct driver packs and create the output.

    How??? I don’t see any driver packs to select? No doubt it’s something I’m doing wrong, but what?


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