The answer to the housing bubble and deficit savings rates of Americans

Well folks, this gets pretty simple. As we pirate our social security funds for war and issues of the present, our future generations will have the pleasure of dealing with bankrupt social security, Medicare, Medicaid and many other social welfare programs. Higher education costs have become insane and new graduates have more debt every year while our public school systems continue to fall down the ladder of International prestige (Link to Government data). Additionally our roads, power grids, sewer systems and various components of US infrastructure are failing due to inattention.

It seems ludicrous that money isn’t being poured into local and federal issues on a grand scale but instead those funds make it into the pork of various bills, we create entire new governmental institutions to monitor our previously free speech and wars of aggression we illegally started on deliberately falsified intelligence. So what can you do? Well first you can write your representative, set up an automated mail creation system with your views and just keep mailing the crap to them until they can’t stand to hear it anymore! Second, save your damn money because it is likely that you will need it in the future America.

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