Dog Chews

I have  a Shiba Inu who develops plaque on his teeth consistently.  My vet years ago told me to provide him with rawhide chews to help clean his teeth.  While this did keep his teeth cleaner, he would vomit a whitish liquid after chewing on one for 15 minutes or more.  I tried several different brands and types with the same result.

Naturally, I stopped giving him the chews as they made him vomit.  I could not find another good method to clean his teeth and daily brushing was only moderately effective.  I did have him cleaned at the vet periodically but as he is older now, I didn’t want to have him put under for this any longer.

After talking with a different vet about the issue, he suggested that I try USA made rawhides because the products from Asia, Mexico, Brazil, etc used arsenic and other chemicals in the hide processing & drying.  I tried a brand called Wholesome Hide Chewsthat I purchased from Cherrybrook Pet Supplies.

The chews work, his teeth are cleaner, all is well.  I relate this to pet owner friends often and as I am re-ordering just realized this would be a helpful blog post for many dog owners.

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