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I have been meaning to put up a full review of our Allworx 6x Phone system and 9212 phones but seem to lack the time consistently. It has some very good features and some powerful negatives but I will get into that in a review later.

For the moment, I want to point out a few issues.
1. This unit will not longer update it’s firmware when we request it (this feature stopped working with firmware version in June, 2008). Previously we just clicked a button and it downloaded from a remote FTP and upgraded the firmware. I suspect this is a bug but it is a problem for us as the new firmware versions have fixes and new features.
2. When calling one of our remote phones (an allworx 9212 phone at a remote site), the voice on the allworx 6x side periodically does not receive sound from the remote side. We just have to keep trying to call that remote employee until it works (usually works on the 2nd try). We have opened all ports and even tried the boxes at the heads of the networks to no avail.
3. This is by far the most important and problematic issue. Apparently Allworx has set the ptime value on call sessions using the G711 codec to 20. has several carriers who keep defaulting back to a max ptime of 10. This causes a jackhammer and static sound as the codec fails while the carrier keeps trying and failing again due to a max ptime error. When this happens, is flooded with Allworx issues and ONLY Allworx customers are affected out of their large number of customers. Simply put, this issue is specific to Allworx and is a MAJOR problem as we run into this jackhammer max ptime error every few months. Lots of Allworx customers and have supposedly contacted Allworx to ask them to alter this ptime variable to a value of 10 or less with no change. I hope that posting here will help and I will also contact Allworx and try to get our firmware updated (perhaps this has changed since June, 2008).

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